How would you like to save your dog’s life for less than a dollar? As we all know it seems like in today’s economy everything costs more, and if you’re household is like mine, pet expenses are a big chunk of your budget. However, I have found an App for my iPad that seriously costs less than a buck and yes; it could easily save one of my dog’s (or cat’s) lives…
The Pet Poison Helpline has been around for years, but until recently your only option was to call and pay for advice if Fido got into something you thought was poisonous. They did develop a website with tons of great info but what if you are not at home or have your laptop (or internet access!) when disaster strikes? Well, they have now developed an App for our “i” gadgets and smart phones that is as simple to use as typing in the name of the item your pet (yes it applies itself to not only dogs but also cats, horses and other animals) has ingested, and then tells you the degree of danger, which animals are affected, what if anything you should do, symptoms, description of the item and even offers a link to make a phone call to the hotline for live help. It is one of the coolest Aps out there! Let me give you a couple of examples…

1.       Arrowhead Vine (Arrowhead Ivy House Plant) Generally mild to moderate poison, toxic to dogs and cats, symptoms drooling, vomiting, pawing at mouth, increased respiratory rate/effort, difficulty breathing. It then gives the link to the hotline and instructs to call the vet.

2.       Gorilla Glue: Generally mild to moderate sometimes requiring surgery, toxic to cats and dogs, drooling, vomiting, loss of appetite, distended stomach, retching, a long description of chemical properties and possible outcomes of ingestion and suggestion of call vet or hotline.

3.       Scorpions: Generally mild to moderate, toxic to cats and dogs, drooling, localized pain, itchiness, redness to the bite area, abnormal heart rate, abnormal blood pressure, dilated pupils, tremors, walking drunk and abnormal eye movement. Talks about types and venom differences and pros and cons of anti-venom, and where the really dangerous types live. Suggestion of calling hotline or vet!

There is an index as well as a search option and it includes plants, pharmaceuticals, poisonous animals and reptiles, household cleaners and toxins, and more. To be honest, the list is really mind blowing. The information is very easy to understand and well written. I have actually started to include the use of the App in my classes as a way to show the dangers that lurk inside our houses for not only humans but also pets. For an investment of only .99 cents, I would say it is a no brainer! But, considering I just stumbled on the app while perusing the App store, I wanted to let you all know it is out there. Now it is your job to go get it to become better educated and then share the App with someone else J Be safe, be smart and have some fun with your Furry four legged friend!!!

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