As you  all know I teach all my group classes at Broadmore Kennels, and I am very happy to introduce Cynthia Veth to all my dog training clients because starting today, she is the new Groomer at Broadmore. Here are a few words by Cynthia to say HI to everyone…
Aside from being an animal lover, I love to get out and experience the world.  I participate in the Kansas City Renaissance Festival as anything from a colorful gypsy to an armorer, making chainmail and blacksmithing.  I love sampling foods from all over the world and have even had fish and chips while sitting in the Queen’s tea house in London!  I am a complete history nut and even considered being a history professor, but my love of animals has led me to go to school to be a veterinary technician (currently enrolled).  At home, my two knuckleheads Finnegan (bulldog) and Layla (pug) keep me as entertained as ever.
I have been grooming dogs for four years, and am familiar with all breeds and styles. I began my grooming career in 2008 when I started working for Petsmart as a bather. I was required to learn the different breeds of canine and the difference in their hair and coat types by bathing them, clipping their nails, stripping their undercoat, cleaning their ears, and brushing them out. After about two months of bathing I was sent to grooming academy, learned the grooming trade, and was certified in 2008.
After grooming at petsmart for three years, including one year as salon manager, I furthered my education under a nationally certified groomer in Clarksville, TN
If you have any special requests for your dog’s groom, I am more than happy to accommodate those as well and answer any questions you may have. I believe that the relationship between your pet and their groomer is very important. That’s why I do my best to provide a personable experience for you and your pet.  I look forward to meeting you and your baby soon!
So stop by and say high or better yet call 913-441-5026 and set up your appointment today!!!
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