Final Thoughts on, 28-Day Eukanuba Challenge

Well I have finished off all the large breed Eukanuba dog food and I have to say, Bear really did like the food. And yes he did gain weight!!! I was pleasantly surprised how well he did with the food. In my opinion I use a dog food (Nature’s Variety Prairie) that I feel is higher quality (and more expensive) but Eukanuba performed really well. I know that in many cases my clients ask me about lower cost options for feeding their dogs, and I will recommend this food!
The big thing for me was there was no stomach upset what so ever, during the switch and the fact that Bear really did like the food. I like the ingredients for the most part and would have very little to say on changes other than I would like to see the wheat and corn go away but understand that is how cost are kept down.
Obviously, I will go back to my usual food, but know I will keep this product in mind when giving options to clients for lower cost, but higher quality food. I want to thank Eukanuba for allowing participating and allowing me to be part of this test….

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