Do people really think there is a “magic pill” or “silver bullet” in life? I specifically tell people “I dont train dogs I train owners” so that they understand I teach skills and that they have to put them to use. I still get folks who want me to let their dogs move in and have me magically make them behave… It is kind of funny, I even chose the name Keep it Simple Stupid Dog Training, in hopes of weeding out some of the “non realistic/grumpy” clients (lets face it with a name like that you had better have a sense of humor) 🙂 I guess I just feel that if you dont put in the time and effort in life, let alone dog training what can you really expect? It probably does not help that some trainer claim to be able to fix and cure everything (including the common cold) Well that is my rant for the day. Now tell me what you think!

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