Well today I had a really busy day… I started by doing a talk about positive dog training at the one year anniversary celebration of Treats Unleashed a great local pet supply store here in town. I videoed the talk and should have the tape edited and here on the blog with in the week. I have included a link to their website and highly recommend every one checking it out and stopping by to say hello they are awesome folks.  

Treats Unleashed

Later that day I went and did a talk for the Bonner Animal Rescue (BAR) We talked about all things dog and had a great time. They had an awesome silent auction and chili feed and raised a bunch of money for the group. Let me be clear this rescue organization works totally off volunteers. There is not a paid staff member in the bunch and let me tell you they work their butts off and I am proud to help them. Below is there link please go check it out and help them if you can!

Bonner Animal Rescue

Tonight’s Fundraiser

I will have the videos up soon of my talks with the groups but for now know I had a very busy and productive day with two great groups of people!!!
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