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A new group has been born right here in Kansas City where educating others about humane, effective, science based dog training is the goal. The brain child of Patty Homer, Skip Daiger & Kay Lampe, this group was created for like minded trainers, pet professionals and dog owners to meet, learn, discuss and collaborate on all things dog. A place where we can be part of the positive training revolution taking place in dog training today, and make a difference for not only the dogs of Kansas City but their owners as well.
One of the main tenants of positive training is what I like to call ignoring (or redirecting) the bad and rewarding the good. With that being said we are not here to put down any other trainer or ideas, but rather we are here to focus on improving the lives of our furry four legged friends. With quarterly educational opportunities and 2 membership levels (professional and supporting) we hope to change the dog training world by showing the results of our techniques and methods in hope of giving people alternatives to the traditional correction based approaches. As with any group we want to be diverse, but at the same time true to our core values. As a member of HEART all we ask is;
• Use the least aversive methods possible to mold, shape, teach and modify canine behavior
• Not using collars that offer a shock option or choke chains
• Using pinch or prong collars only as a last resort
• Never using corporal punishment, physical or verbal abuse
• Train through positive motivation, kindness, love and patience, not fear, pain or intimidation. Much the same way we raise our kids!
Anyone with different views is always welcome to attend HEART’S educational events, but membership is limited to professionals and dog owners who believe in the above statements. We understand there are many views on dog training; HEART’s focus is to promote positive training through education.
We will be promoting this group through trainers, veterinarians, dog boarding facilities and anyone else who wants to be a part of this organization. As we grow we hope to be able to draw local and national professionals to help educate the group, and others, on all things dog. We will also do our part in the community. We are in the process of introducing a free “ask a trainer” resource for the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, and sponsoring events such as Canine Good Citizens evaluations at local pet fund raisers!
In the end Heart is here to help spread the word about positive, scientific based training methods for both dogs and people. We believe with time and effort, our results are best for both, and through healthy dialog and education we can impact more change as a group that we can individually. With that being said please join us to bring a little more heart to dog training in the heartland.

Mike Deathe
Charter Member HEART

To join, request HEART’s newsletter or for more information about HEART please contact pattythepuppypro@gmail.com

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