OK here is my book, The Dog Owners Book of Poop and Pee! 
Here is a description:

Are you pulling your hair out? Is Fido peeing and pooping in all the wrong spots? Well Keep it Simple Stupid Dog Training’s Dog Owner’s Book of Poop and Pee will show you how to get Fido to “GO” in the right place, at the right time and even improve the way the two of you communicate. I don’t promise fast results (there is no magic bullet or Jedi mind tricks to fix the potty training issue;) instead I teach you how to speak Dog as a Second Language (DASL) as a way to tell Fido what behaviors you want and when you want them!

Mike Deathe CPDT-KA is a dog trainer who for years has seen the communication problems dogs and their owners encounter! In the end, the animal with all the “grey matter” and the opposable thumbs is still trying to force Fido to speak English! Welcome to Keep it Simple Stupid Dog Training, where finally you (the smart one) will finally understand that Dogs Don’t Speak English and it is your job to learn DASL (Dog as a Second Language)! Once fluent I promise you and Fido will be communicating better than ever!
I would love to send fellow bloggers an 
e-Version of the book in return for a review on your blog? Please contact me through email if you are interested!

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