Class taught at Shawnee Mission Medical Center!!!

Babies Don’t Bark:

Learn how to prepare your dog for baby’s arrival, understand dog body-language basics, and solve attention-seeking behavior. This class clears up myths, emphasizes realistic expectations, and sets new parents and family dogs up for success even before baby arrives! We will also teach you how to set up safe and smooth introductions between baby and dog, and ways to include your dog in activities once baby comes home. Great for expectant parents, adoptive parents, grandparents and extended family, childcare providers, nannies and anyone else who wants to learn how wonderful life with babies and dogs can be! Anyone that will be interacting with your baby and dog together is welcome and encouraged to attend the class.

This class should be taken in the first or second trimester of pregnancy if possible.

Click Here for Class Times and Dates

You must register with the Hospital to attend this class… I just teach the class!

Price $35.00 per family


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