Class taught at Shawnee Mission Medical Center

You made it through the pregnancy and infancy but now the family dog is having to deal with a child who is mobile! Many times, the real interaction issues with dogs and kids occur when a child’s mobility and independence develop. As parents, we need to make sure we know 100 percent of what can be expected from not only the family dog but also from the children. The more prepared we are the better the experience will be!

Kids and K9s is a class where we teach the following:

  • Things to never do with a dog!
  • Stuff to consider when talking about dog bites
  • Basic rules and routines for both the dogs and the kids
  • Importance of owning a dog?
  • Basics of dog learning.

The purpose of this class is to give you, the parents or caregivers of the family dog, the tools to institute rules, routines and management practices that will keep both the children and the family dog happy, healthy and safe.

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