Just a heads up to all the folks in KC!!!! Keep it Simple Stupid Dog Training is now enrolling for group classes that start on November 1st, 2010, at Broadmore Kennels, located at 20614 W. 47th St, Shawnee, KS! We will be offering beginner classes at 5:30pm – 6:30pm and puppy classes from 7:00pm to 8:00pm Monday – Friday evenings. So give us a call at 913 269 7595 or call Broadmore Kennels to enroll directly at 913 441 5026! Below is a description of each of the classes and our unique pod/session format to the classes….

Group Sessions – Begin Nov 1st, 2010

•Puppy Class (8-18 weeks of age)
•Beginner Dog Class (18 weeks & older)

My Group Classes Are Different!

I teach classes in a pod format. What this means to you is never having to schedule a make-up class. Every Monday is level (pod) 1, every Tuesday is level (pod) 2 and so on. If you miss a week just come the following week on the day you missed. This also means that if you and/or Fido didn’t quite “get it”, you can retake that level (pod) before moving to the next level (pod) of the class. Both puppy & beginner have 5 levels (pods.)

Beginner Dog Class (18 weeks & older) – $199.00

In the case of the beginner class, the age requirement is 18 weeks; there is no upper age limit. What does this mean to you? If you take my beginner class, you have the opportunity to take each level up to four times for one enrollment fee. This gives you and Fido the ability to learn at your own pace and not be rushed through a pre-determined course schedule. This class is taught on-leash. How smart will your dog be at the end of up to 20 sessions of training versus your typical 8 week beginner class?

Puppy Class (8-18 weeks of age) – $199.00

My puppy class is taught in a much different format than you are used to seeing. I have borrowed principles from Dr. Ian Dunbar and have a truly off leash puppy class. That is why it is so important the puppies not exceed 18 weeks of age. Around 18 weeks of age, puppies become dogs (adolescents.) At this point, being off leash becomes more risk than reward. With this format, a person putting their puppy into class at 8 weeks, will be able to take each level (pod) up to 2 times (a total of 10 sessions.) However, the older the puppy is when they start the levels (pods), the fewer repeats of levels (pods) will be possible. As a consolation, all of my puppy students are given the opportunity to take the beginner class (upon completion of puppy) for a 50% reduced rate. This not only allows for continuing socialization, but polishing of commands, cues and techniques. The prerequisite to join this class is a puppy between 8-12 weeks. If your puppy is between 12-18 weeks, instructor approval will be required or Fido will be enrolled in the beginner class at the age of 18 weeks.

If you would like more information on the topics in the class, contact me and I will email you a glossary of terms covered. You can also visit my blog and get more information on what I am all about. And remember to Keep It Simple Stupid!

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