Well for me it was down! For months I was bent over, luring and in some cases begging my pooch to just lay down… The more I thought about it, it started to make sense. What is the most submissive position a dog can give? Yep it is a down on their back.
Once I began to consider this might be an uncomfortable position for my dog and even some of my clients dogs, well my patience level seemed to go way up. I was not nearly as concerned with the time we were spending on down. It would come with time and comfort level. I only bring this up because many will just push a dog into the down command when they are slow to respond the cue. Now that you have a different way of think about this difficult command you might just think twice before forcing the dog into a down….

That is my story what command or cue was the hardest for you and how did you handle it?

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