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KISS Dog Training offers positive, science based dog training techniques that focus on you, the owner, being able to fix the problems between you and Fido. We offer private in-home instruction in Greater Kansas City metro and surrounding areas. For folks outside that area we offer virtual training sessions in multiple formats. We offer help in all aspects of dog training including aggression, fear, anxiety and family integration with dogs.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

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Meet Mike Deathe

Me and the GirlsMy name is Mike Deathe and I am the owner and trainer at KISS Dog Training. We offer positive, scientific and motivational dog training techniques that focus on you, the owner, being able to fix the problems between you and Fido. Watch our video examples of what we are all about! We offer private in-home sessions. We are located in Shawnee, Kansas, and operate all over Kansas City metro, Overland Park and surrounding area.

Training Services

KISS Dog Training offers several training options to fit any behavioral situation and any budget including:

  • In-Home Training
  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Aggression
  • Fear
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Training for Puppies
  • Sessions for Families with Children
  • Sessions for Expectant Mothers

What Others Are Saying

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Mike has been so great to work with. He taught us the logic behind the training - not just the training ... And I haven't once yet had to assert dominance by raising my voice which is so much more pleasant than methods I've learned in the past. Today, we had a salesperson in our house. She was amazed at how well behaved Olive is at only 14 weeks. Sure - she's still a puppy and I had to remind her of her manners but with gentle reminders she was a total show off and made me so proud. Thanks so much, Mike, for such a great experience!!!

Courtney - Overland Park, KS

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A lesson in your home with Mike is definitely the route to go. Mike clearly loves/understands dogs and knows how to work with and train the owners for a good experience for everyone involved. He gives lots of homework but in the lesson you see glimpses of what your dog will behave like after you do your work with your dog. That motivates me to do my homework. Mike has a great way with dogs and people and that makes the lesson fun for everyone, too, while getting some good work accomplished.

Jackie-Lake Quivira, KS

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Mike’s course and hand feeding helped Rocky tremendously. I get instant recall 99% of the time. Pretty good for a Husky. He looks at me lovingly after connecting me with a resource and he does not even like food that much. We have a ritual now that he gets pets and love before he will eat each meal. Huge difference in attentiveness and interaction. Still working with my foster fail GSD.

Susan -Independence, Mo

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This weekend we took a class from Mike Deathe of Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) Dog Training on how to introduce a newborn to your dog family. I don't care how long you've owned a dog or how perfect they are, his classes will definitely open your eyes to techniques that make it simple and safe for everyone. Please check them out if you are expecting!

Mandy, - Drexel, MO

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I can say we used KISS for our dog almost 3 years ago. Mike was very transparent as to cost and what he expected from us as owners and what he could provide. This was our 3rd shelter dog and presented us with some challenges. We had Mike come to our home after evaluating comments from a vet and the doggie day care we used. Very pleased with the help Mike gave us. Was worth every penny. Mike, Chance says HI!!!

Johanna - Leavenworth, KS

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Training Books

OK my claim to fame as a dog trainer is “I train owners, not dogs!” Each and every one of my books follow the same principle… I want you to be able to easily get tips and tricks to help you and Fido work together! I have priced my Books reasonably to help you get some answers without breaking the bank!

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A portion of the proceeds of every sale benefit local animal shelters.

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