June: Neurobiology of Arousal: The Yerkes Dodson Law by Behavior Vets.Com

August: Master Course – Aggression in Dogs by Michael Shikashio of Aggressive Dog.Com

October: It Must Be Genetic: The Heritability of Aggression. Jessica Hekman, DVM, PhD

October: Fear Free Certified Trainer/Professional – Certified by Fear Free Pets

November: Genetics of Dog Aggression. Presented by Dr. Jessica Hekman, DVM, PhD


January: Seminar Empowered Socialization BAT (Behavioral Adjustment Training) for Aggression, Frustration, and Fear – Grisha Stewart

November: Annual APDT Conference (multiple speakers/topics)


June: Webinar Ian Dunbar – Growl Class – Work Shop

October: Seminar – Click to Calm – Emma Parsons


October: Seminar – Animals, Industry and Autism and the related Concepts within – Temple Grandin


June: Seminar – 2-day seminar with Ken Ramirez w/ Karen Pryor Academy

September: Seminar Barking up the Wrong Tree – For 110 Years? – Ian Dunbar


May: Seminar Sarah Kalnajs – Canine Risk Assessment for Dog Trainers and Behavior Consultants

May: Seminar Five Faux Paws: Debunking Decades of Dog Delusions! Dog Facts vs. Dog Fictions, and why they should matter to everyone and The World of Deaf and Blind Dogs – Sarah Kalnajs


Passed the CCPDT- KA Test

Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed

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