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Here are just a few comments from our clients!

10’s all around! I loved the structure of the program and I loved working with Karen. The email follow ups were so helpful to use on our homework and I enjoyed the eBooks too. Karen was so kind & knowledgeable and provided al many answers to random challenges we were having. She was always on time & prompt with her follow up! Our pup loved her as much as I did. 

Jill - Shawnee, KS

Hi Angela,

We just wanted to let Mike and you know how pleased we were with Karen as our trainer for Winston and “us too”  She was so good with him and gave us so many great training tips in the 3 short hours she was here at the house.  She definitely helped us with the issues we were having with him. We will definitely recommend her and KISS to any of our friends looking for a dog trainer. Thank you so much for all of your help in setting up our appointments.

Bob and Cathy B - Overland Park, KS

Contact Mike Deathe with He has group classes and private sessions. He trained both of our dogs - a high energy German Shepherd and our rescue pit mix. He’s good, patient and truly understands a dog who is having behavioral difficulties. An all around good guy.

Michelle, Nextdoor Review

Very practical information that helped us understand very logical training techniques! Mike helped us feel less stressed about her barking and seemingly angry reaction to people and other dogs when on a leash. Thanks again for your help!

Shellie - Overland Park, KS

I have no suggestions, but my wife and I were very happy with our initial session with Karen regarding our puppy, Lily.  We plan to work diligently with Lily for the next month to make her the wonderful dog we want her to be. We will signing up for more training when the 30 days are up.  Thanks!


Ken and Joy - Lee's Summit, Mo

Thanks so much Mike. Things are going super. We see such a difference already so thank you again.

Rene - Shawnee, KS

My ratings for  1-5 are all 10’s. I don’t have any suggestions for changes or improvement.  I appreciate that Mike is willing to talk with my new dog walker so Dukes training can continue through her. 

Barbara S - Overland Park, Ks

Thank you So much for everything. We are very grateful for your instruction!!!

Maggie - Overland Park

Yesterday was wonderful & I know he knew he did a great job! So proud of him! Makes me want to work harder as the team leader! And thank you for making me better! 

Lori - Overland Park, KS

I just want to give a shout out to Karen! She came over about two weeks ago for a puppy training session with Apollo. After some basic teaching, and a few easy fixes, this little guy is doing amazing! Her session coupled with the e-books have helped us get a giant head start on raising a good dog. He’s just over 10 weeks old and is now potty trained - even ringing his bell to go out (the e-book on this was LIFE!)! He loves his kennel and goes in when told to, he is learning to sit and say please SO well (our vet was amazed by his manners yesterday!), and he’s getting so much socialization thanks to the checklist.

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to continue his training in the months ahead. ❤️🐾

Elizabeth - Shawnee, KS

Karen, I just wanted to send you a progress report on Daisy since you were here on Wed and this is Friday.  We are doing everything exactly as you taught us and she is doing wonderful.  WE are shocked how far she had come in just two days and she just loves loves her training time every am & pm. This evening she was tired and she still was excited to do it,. Another thing we noticed is that she is tons more relaxed and has calmed down. Do you think the structure of learning has relieved her constant frustration? Something has changed cause she is much more pleasant for us.  She has accomplished all 10 games and we intend to keep her on them for the 30 days. Thanks so much for your help. You were just great. We were very happy with you.

Karen - Bonner Springs, KS

I hope this message finds you well! Just wanted to say thanks again for helping myself and nova out. We are going on walks all throughout the city now, and she’s doing wonderful. We’re even able to enjoy coffee on the porch in the morning together! We still have some work to do but her progress has been amazing.

Christina - Kansas City, Mo

Babies Don't Bark... Great class! It helped our transition from fur baby to fur baby plus human baby go so much smoother than we anticipated!

Emily - Overland Park

We just wanted to follow up and say a big thank you for all of your help with u training Gus and us! I really think Gus would be a different dog if we hadn’t started working with you when we did. I wanted to share a sweet video of Gus and our daughter together. He’s really started to bond with her and he’s getting so much more affectionate and mellow as we continue working with him. Even Harvey (our other dog) is letting him snuggle now that he’s mellowing out. Lol Thank you again for all of your help and insight!

Marilyn - Shawnee, KS

Just attended Kayas first puppy class at Bar K dog park with KISS dog training. Kaya is an 11 week old lab and learned a lot in just one session. Kaya did awesome! We learned a lot; can’t wait for the next class.

Gina - Kansas City

Mike has been so great to work with. He taught us the logic behind the training - not just the training ... And I haven't once yet had to assert dominance by raising my voice which is so much more pleasant than methods I've learned in the past. Today, we had a salesperson in our house. She was amazed at how well behaved Olive is at only 14 weeks. Sure - she's still a puppy and I had to remind her of her manners but with gentle reminders she was a total show off and made me so proud. Thanks so much, Mike, for such a great experience!!!


Courtney - Overland Park, KS
A lesson in your home with Mike is definitely the route to go. Mike clearly loves/understands dogs and knows how to work with and train the owners for a good experience for everyone involved. He gives lots of homework but in the lesson you see glimpses of what your dog will behave like after you do your work with your dog. That motivates me to do my homework. Mike has a great way with dogs and people and that makes the lesson fun for everyone, too, while getting some good work accomplished.

Jackie-Lake Quivira, KS

Thank you so much for your time.. Titus is doing great!!  Really listening and paying attention.. hand feeding is working great into our schedule as well.. even the behaviors at the office are getting better.. cant wait for you to see his progress.. thank you!!  Have a great day!!

Vickie- Excelsior Springs, MO

If you are in need of training - and I mean that just the way it is stated...if YOU are in need of training, give Mike andKeep it Simple Stupid (KISS) Dog Training a call. I promise you won’t regret it!!!! Keep my crazy Mika in the back of your mind. Mike trained us, and we trained Meek. She’s(almost) perfect now! 🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Denise-Shawnee, KS

What a wonderful surprise to see you today!  Everything I wanted to say to you went out the window.  Thanks to you , our little super shy 3 lb. Chihuahua became a canine good citizen and went on to be a therapy dog for Hospice.  She also is a seasoned air traveler.  Most people don’t even know I have a dog with me!  None of that and I mean none would have happened without your guidance Mike.  There are no words.💖

Catherine- Shawnee, KS

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