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Just attended Kayas first puppy class at Bar K dog park with KISS dog training. Kaya is an 11 week old lab and learned a lot in just one session. Kaya did awesome! We learned a lot; can’t wait for the next class.

Gina - Kansas City

Mike has been so great to work with. He taught us the logic behind the training - not just the training ... And I haven't once yet had to assert dominance by raising my voice which is so much more pleasant than methods I've learned in the past. Today, we had a salesperson in our house. She was amazed at how well behaved Olive is at only 14 weeks. Sure - she's still a puppy and I had to remind her of her manners but with gentle reminders she was a total show off and made me so proud. Thanks so much, Mike, for such a great experience!!!


Courtney - Overland Park, KS
A lesson in your home with Mike is definitely the route to go. Mike clearly loves/understands dogs and knows how to work with and train the owners for a good experience for everyone involved. He gives lots of homework but in the lesson you see glimpses of what your dog will behave like after you do your work with your dog. That motivates me to do my homework. Mike has a great way with dogs and people and that makes the lesson fun for everyone, too, while getting some good work accomplished.

Jackie-Lake Quivira, KS

Thank you so much for your time.. Titus is doing great!!  Really listening and paying attention.. hand feeding is working great into our schedule as well.. even the behaviors at the office are getting better.. cant wait for you to see his progress.. thank you!!  Have a great day!!

Vickie- Excelsior Springs, MO

If you are in need of training - and I mean that just the way it is stated...if YOU are in need of training, give Mike andKeep it Simple Stupid (KISS) Dog Training a call. I promise you won’t regret it!!!! Keep my crazy Mika in the back of your mind. Mike trained us, and we trained Meek. She’s(almost) perfect now! 🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Denise-Shawnee, KS

What a wonderful surprise to see you today!  Everything I wanted to say to you went out the window.  Thanks to you , our little super shy 3 lb. Chihuahua became a canine good citizen and went on to be a therapy dog for Hospice.  She also is a seasoned air traveler.  Most people don’t even know I have a dog with me!  None of that and I mean none would have happened without your guidance Mike.  There are no words.💖

Catherine- Shawnee, KS

Today I took my dog to doggy daycare and when I took her in the girls told me how much better she is doing since training. Best complaint ever

Thank you Mike look forward to doing more training with you

Cathy-Tonganoxie, KS

Mike, thank you so much for helping us with Emmy. We both feel so much more confident in our ability to handle and control our big girl and you have given us the tools to help her grow into a great dog.  We very much enjoyed getting to know you and are very grateful for your skill and knowledge.   The resources that you provided us will be invaluable in the months to come.  Thank you so very very much for training us!  The Flemings

The Flemings-Rantoul, KS

Thank you Mike for coming to our home and helping us work with our foster, Keanu. Mike gave us several incredibly simple suggestions that have already started to make major improvements in our dogs behavior!

Katie-Parkville, Mo

A little late and the video is a few months old but, better late than never. Thank you for all the training and help. Sadie is a great big sister and so gentle!


Nyssa & Sadie Boettcher 

Nyssa-Overland Park, Ks

I wanted to share with you that Buddy is improving everyday. He now stays inside the house most of the day, does not instantly run and hide when someone new comes into house, joins Amber in barking at the cats & ups guy that come on front porch, and is beginning to approach other people that come over. Thanks to a low battery beeping smoke detector he has decided my bed is the best place to sleep and since doing that I have gotten a few excited to see you greetings when I come home. 🙂

Thank you so much for helping guide us in the right direction in helping Buddy! It’s hard to imagine this is the same pup who was hiding under the deck this time last year.

Thank You,


Heide-Leavenworth, KS

Mike was the best investment we made for our boy (Rider). He has come so far with the tools Mike gave us.

Michelle & Joe, Kansas City Kansas

Petri is a new dog. I can take him anywhere with me, I even take him babysitting, because he is such a delight. I am so thankful for Mike's patience and effort that he put into helping me to better understand and communicate with my dog. Not only have we taken his class and have several one on one sessions with Mike, I have also read several of his dog training books, which are hilariously written and very helpful. Also Mike recently started another service where he will come to my house and give Petri a Training Walk while I am at work. Whenever I come home on these days, Petri's leash pulling habit isn't so bad, and he is in a good mood from having had some exercise during the day. 🙂

Angie's List

Our dog had anxiety issues and difficulty in social situations. Mike was fantastic in teaching us the tools to help Doug feel more comfortable socializing and listening to us in stressful situations.

Angie's List

I highly recommend Mike and KISS Dog Training! We took private lessons and the beginning group training course which did wonders for my dog and me. I love his methods of teaching and he has helped our rescue dog improve tremendously. Mike has a way of making dog training fun and encouraging for everyone involved.

Sara, Mission, KS

Mike's approach is realistic and well thought out. His classes are fun and laid back. He has helpful tips with any issues you are experiencing that are easy to duplicate at home. Classes are the first start, but it also requires you to practice at home too. Follow his tips, advice and keep practicing. You and your dog will be on the right path. Thanks Mike.

Kristina, Overland Park, KS

I can say we used KISS for our dog almost 3 years ago. Mike was very transparent as to cost and what he expected from us as owners and what he could provide. This was our 3rd shelter dog and presented us with some challenges. We had Mike come to our home after evaluating comments from a vet and the doggie day care we used. Very pleased with the help Mike gave us. Was worth every penny. Mike, Chance says HI!!!

Johanna, Leavenworth, KS

So I just finished reading the book for Shelter Volunteers, which really is awesome for owners and volunteers. It provides a wealth of knowledge in an easy-to-understand format, that I could start using as soon as I put the book down (or turned kindle off). Then I bought this one (Downward Dog) last night because I have one dog that is a big jumper!! And I just really appreciated the detail behind why, then how to change it. Also the reminder that the success depends on me!! Now the question is, can my husband and I do it on our own, or would we be more successful, thus the dogs be more successful, if we brought Mike in. I think the latter is true if I am being honest!! But please buy the book, and then make your decision

Nikki, Olathe, KS

Mike’s course and hand feeding helped Rocky tremendously. I get instant recall 99% of the time. Pretty good for a Husky. He looks at me lovingly after connecting me with a resource and he does not even like food that much. We have a ritual now that he gets pets and love before he will eat each meal. Huge difference in attentiveness and interaction. Still working with my foster fail GSD.

Susan, Independence, Mo

I am so glad I read Mike's newest book, Downward Dog. As a mom to three fur-babies, it was fascinating to see each of the dog's tendencies and personalities addressed. AND to put it into perspective (in a humorous way) that the humans are to blame when a dog jumps or 'acts out'. i will be using a lot of the wisdom shared in this book to more effectively communicate with and love on my kiddos! I would HIGHLY recommend this it on Amazon today!

Monica , Overland Park, Ks

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