Does Your Dog Fall Into One of These Categories?  If So, We Can Help!

  • Reactivity on Leash
  • Aggression to People
  • Vet Recommendations Due to Fear or Aggression
  • Fear in General
  • Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Muzzle Training
  • City Mandated Training
  • Abuse Cases
  • Genetic Issues
  • Bite History With Dog or Person

What is a Complex Case?

Complex cases result from a lack of socialization during a critical part of development, genetic/biological issues, or some form of abuse and/or isolation around a particular thing or trigger. For many dogs, these issues are not fixable. However, some can be managed, modified, or improved. Many people find it very difficult to train dogs like this because it will, in essence, require you to think, react, and manage the situation like an experienced dog trainer. The client instead wants someone to “fix” their dog. Many owners are not capable/willing to handle the consistency, frequency, and frustration of training like this. Other times, the dogs cannot learn the replacement behaviors or the skill of redirection. But we can make huge strides with time, patience, daily work, and management (and, in some cases, the help of your veterinarian). You will be responsible for the homework, scheduling, and contacting the trainer with questions or concerns. You will also be required to provide video examples of your work with the dog to keep the process moving forward. If you are looking for someone to guarantee they can fix your dog, these sessions are not for you. 

Process of Complex Cases

Phone Evaluation/Treatment Plan Call with Mike (required)

  • Talk with Mike prior to the session during office hours
  • Pre-work, reading & homework
  • 30 minutes in length
  • $81

Price $176 per Session – 45 Minute Each

  • Cost is Due to the Complex Nature of these Topics, the Stress, and Legal Responsibility
  • Dog and Owner Self-Directed Pace
  • Individual In-Home Sessions – each 1 hour in length
  • Client Must Call and Schedule the Next Session
    • (once the homework is completed from the previous session)
  • If you are going over 30 days without setting up your next session and are still having issues or having to send emails or videos for Mike to review and respond to… It is past time to set up more training. Call the office and get on the calendar to get the in-person help you and your dog need. While it is up to you, those that are not frequent and consistent in training rarely see improvement in their dog’s behavior
Complex Case Dog Training


Please reach out to us with any questions or schedule a session.  We can be reached by phone at (913) 269-7595 or fill out the form below.

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