A note from Owner/Trainer Mike Deathe:

We are not trying to be a pain with the making you read the Fine Print, FAQ or Read First section of the website. Instead we are trying to make sure you the client and me the Dog Trainer are a good fit!

Because trust me if we don’t jive on both a personal and training technique perspective your dog will be the one to suffer… So please, bear with us, and just take a minute to read all the sections and really think about the commitment you are making in both consistency and frequency.

If you at any point don’t feel the fit is right, just let us know, and we would be happy to share with you information on many other great trainers here in KC that might be a better fit. My goal is to make sure the process is as transparent as possible and that you are going into the training process knowing exactly what to expect (We even changed the text of extra important things to red)

😊 That is my promise to you…. Mike


Fine Print:

Private in-home sessions include driving mileage of 20 miles each way from Shawnee, KS. Any further than the included 40 miles of travel is an additional $1.00 per mile. So, if you are 25 miles from Shawnee the extra charge per visit would be $10.00 per visit: $5.00 each way of coverage.
Aggressive Dogs have an additional fee per session. An aggressive dog is one that has a bite history with dogs or people. A trainer can also deem a dog as aggressive during training. That fee is $40.00 per session.

Some aggressive dogs might be required to wear a muzzle. That in itself is a training process, to condition and positively associate wearing the muzzle. This will have to be accomplished before any other training can be accomplished.

Crate use may also be required in cases of aggression to keep both dogs and people safe when they are entering and or leaving the home. Again that training will have to be done prior to starting any other techniques.

Consulting with your Vet and/or including pharmacological medicines can and sometime might also necessary.

My first goal in dealing with any aggressive dog will be management techniques that safeguard both the dog and the people around them. Then working on any other training protocols.


Kids and Dogs:

Put simply dogs and kids should never be left alone. This is the common denominator to just about all dog bite incidents I work with! That being said if I believe that kids and dogs should not be left alone, then I also believe that kids should not be alone in public with their dogs or have other kids around their dogs without parental supervision.

Let’s face it if you are buying a dog for the kids, that dog really belongs to the parents and the kids are their to be taught by you after I teach you how to manage the dog. I only say this because allowing kids and dogs to be alone unsupervised has led to many a dog having to be euthanized…

Splitting Sessions:

In cases of aggression, anxiety, fear or shyness, some dogs will not be able to handle a full hour of training (same goes for the owners). In some cases we might make sessions 30 minutes vs. 1 hour. We will simply increase the visits to make sure the agreed upon training time is met… So three 1 hours sessions might become 6 half hour sessions. There will be a $20.00  fee per additional session. The above example would have an additional $60.00 fee for the time and travel of the extra three visits… This actually gives the dogs additional time to practice smaller amounts of work, which with dogs like this is extremely helpful! This decision will be made with the client and only done if client agrees.

Lapses in Training:

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way and that lapses in training can happen.  However, if any lapses exceed 12 months, any remaining sessions will be forfeited with no refunds.  To resume training you will need to go through the sign up process again and pay for a new package.

Daylight Savings: 

This only happens for half the year but you need to be aware that the 6 pm sessions during the fall and winter are going to be held in the dark… If we are working on leash skills or dog reactivity… This will have to be done in the dark. If this is an issue,  you will need to move or choose earlier session options

Doggy Day Care:

Many shelter Dogs have limited histories and behavior cannot always be predicted… Management and caution will be required till you have enough time and experience with the dog to understand his or her body language and personality.  Behavior will be different in each and all new situations that you will choose to put the dog in…

Many times, we recommend Doggy Day-cares to help with energy and social skills (Non Aggression Cases). Even though you think you know your dog, each and every situation is different, and you must be prepared to accept responsibility for any damage your dog may cause and conversely accept the possibility of your dog being damaged in an argument with other dogs.

Not all humans get along together and neither will all dogs…Make sure to interview and tour all the facilities you are interested in and be totally honest with them about your dog, and all their issues….

Private in-home training sessions are held on:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the following times slots, 9 am to 10 am, 12 pm to 1 pm, 3 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 7 pm (20.00 fee for evenings after 5) 
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are when I teach group classes, but I do offer private in-home sessions at the following times, 9 am to 10 am and 4 pm to 5 pm.
  • I also offer Saturday sessions for an additional $20 fee per session; these are on a first come first serve basis. These must fit around my group classes in Independence and the Classes I teach at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.
  • There is an extra charge of $20 per session for sessions after 5 pm and Saturdays. 
  • Evening and Saturday session must fit with my schedule as well, and sometimes are not available

Due to volume of business and group class commitments, these options are the best way to reach as many clients as we can. We apologize if they do not fit your schedule.

Dog training is about consistency and frequency. Practice daily for short intervals, 20-30 minutes each, a couple of times a day.

I usually have 2 weeks between sessions so clients have plenty of time to work with and practice with their dogs…

I even include videos of me doing the techniques for reference when I am not there.

The time you spend working with your dog is what ends up training the dog. It’s about your relationship with the dog, not with me

If you are looking for someone to come out multiple times a week and do the training with your dog, I will not be the best choice. Remember I train owners not dogs!!!

Any books or articles we send you are part of the training process, and you should read and review them to make sure that you completely understand the process.

Each person in the family must be on the same page and pulling in the same direction, otherwise it will slow down or create a negative training process.

Your dog’s behavior and well-being are your responsibility, and it is up to you to be an advocate for your dog. Never put them in a situation they cannot handle.

If you are not prepared to move forward with new material when the trainer arrives. We will stop the session and reschedule another time to meet when you can be caught up. This is usually caused by the owner not having done the homework. We do not want to waste your time or ours and continuing on with new material when the dog is not ready is not fair to them either!

This will end up costing you a rescheduling fee, and slow down the training process. So, please keep up on the homework a little bit each day. You will be amazed at how fast your dog will pick things up if you work daily!

People always ask how many dogs have failed my training and in reality the answer is almost none, but the same can not be said for the number of people who fail because they do not do the work between sessions 🙁

Attending classes or sessions are up to you.

Once training has started we do not offer refunds on the group classes. Dog training is both a commitment in time and money, not only for the owner but also for the trainer as well. You can transfer to another class if space is available for a fee of $100.00 (a 50% discount off regular price).

Once training has started we do not offer refunds for private instruction either. If there are any questions please call 913-269-7595 and discuss before signing up.

We also require a $50.00 Non-Refundable Deposit for booking private sessions or reserving spots in group classes. Your appointments will not be valid until payment is received (the exception are our classes at Shawnee Mission Medical Center).

We will hold your spot(s) for the next 48-hours until your non-refundable payment is received.  After that, your scheduled session(s) will be re-opened and made available to our other clients.

It takes the time and resources of both the trainer and office staff to call, discuss, answer questions and to get folks set up in the calendar or to reserve spots in class rosters. So, it is critical that if you chose to work with Kiss Dog Training that you are as committed as we are and plan to follow through with the training.

If you have any questions please call the office before scheduling your appointments. Payment is still due at the time of our first session but will be reduced by the amount of the 50.00 non-refundable deposit.

Payment is due at the beginning of the first session… We accept cash, check, and credit cards. We can even bill you via PayPal but this needs to be taken care of prior to the sessions starting. If you choose to use PayPal just let our office know and we can send you the invoice before services are rendered.

We cannot hold time slots for people; sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and deposit must be received to lock in the appointment.

If cancellations become an issue we will require prepayment for services.

We understand that life does sometimes get in the way. However, they also create havoc on our calendar and our ability to provide timely and effective service for others. Therefore our policies for cancellations are simple:

Rescheduling will be charged a $20.00  fee to move your appointment and any cancellation on the day of an appointment (24 hours before session) will be assessed a $40.00 prior to rescheduling.

If you choose to not pay the fees you simply forfeit that particular session (it does not affect any of your other/future sessions) 

The trainer can also cancel the session due to the client not being prepared or not ready to move forward with new material. This is usually caused by the owner not having done the homework. We do not want to waste your time or ours and continuing on with new material when the dog is not ready is not fair to them either!


Many in our industry offer free estimates or assessments but, in the end, suggest packages that can cost thousands of dollars. Our most expensive session is less than $500.00 so we do charge $65.00 for our time and travel but it gives you a chance to see if you “Jive” with the trainer and a chance for us to let you know up front what we think the training process will involve. Again, this option is so that we can be as transparent as possible and make sure our clients go into training knowing exactly what is going to happen, what will be expected and how much it will cost!!! If you have any questions just call the office at 913-269-7595 and we will be happy to help!

This assessment will be invoiced through PayPal for the total amount… That way you are not making a $50.00 deposit and then having to pay $15.00 to the trainer on the day of the service. Payment will need to be made within 24 hours of the service time or the appointment time will be canceled and opened up to other clients…
Our “Diamonds in The Ruff” group class is a six-week beginner class, and it is held at the Merriam campus of Great Plains SPCA. Classes are always on Tuesday or Thursdays (6:30 pm to 7:30 pm). Starting dates vary so please call the office at 913-269-7595 for info or reservation info.

We also offer an Intermediate Group Class at the Merriam Campus of the SPCA. Starting dates vary so please call the office at 913-269-7595 for info or reservation info. There must be 5 dogs reserved to hold an intermediate class…  Due to client cancellations this class requires full payment up front and there will be no refunds due to scheduling issues. This class is only taught 2-3 times a year and the cancellations have made this change necessary for not only us as the trainers but the other clients that have committed to the class…
Dogs that are fearful, reactive or aggressive are not candidates for our group classes. If you are unsure, please call with questions. Dogs exhibiting these behaviors will be asked to transfer to private instruction, so that there is no disruption for the rest of the clients in the class. There are no refunds, but there are always options for you and your dog to receive training.
Dogs must be at least 20 weeks old to attend “The Diamonds in The Ruff” beginner group class. The “Tiny Diamonds in the Ruff” in-home session is available for puppies. Contact us for more details. See details in the Training Tab of the website.
No prong or choke collars.
No retractable leashes.
Training treats are to be brought by the humans. If you do not bring treats, the distraction of this class is going to make success very difficult and frustrating for you to achieve. I recommend soft, smelly and yummy treats that will keep Fido’s attention (even in the distractions of a group class).
Your veterinarian should be part of the training process. Keep him or her in the loop with all aspects of your training.
We require documentation of up-to-date vaccinations: We will expect you to show us these documents at the beginning of all group classes or private sessions.
Any Photos taken during class or training may be used in promotional efforts.
Trainer does not carry cash, so please provide exact change for cash payments. We also accept checks, credit cards and payments via PayPal for your convenience.

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