What to Expect

Sometimes humans become frustrated when their initial concern isn’t immediately addressed:

  • A dog that jumps.
  • A dog that pulls on the leash.
  • A dog that doesn’t listen.
  • A dog that is “out of control”.
  • A dog that doesn’t like men, children, house guests or other dogs.

While these behaviors might be driving you nuts, they are not and cannot be the starting point for a successful dog training experience. Instead, we start with teaching a dog and its human to pay attention.  Not only to each other, but to the environment around them.

We start with resource control (hand feeding) inside your home or in a group setting.  We then move on to more distracting environments. Moving forward to each new or more difficult task will be determined by your dog’s success or failure, and that depends on the work you do during the time between each session.

Let’s Get Started!

We typically work together 3-5 times and put at least 2 weeks between each session, so there is plenty of time for practice and coaching.  Each problem behavior is different, but a month of practice on the owners end is usually the minimum. It’s important to take one step at a time.  Handle something simple first and then move on to more complicated issues. Lets face it we strive to make sure you and the dog are enjoying the process… Otherwise why work with the dog in the first place 😉

Dog trainers are not magicians, Jedi Masters or “Whisperers” of any kind. We are simply teachers: We teach other humans how to train dogs. Your success is dependent upon your work, your consistency and your ability to practice what we teach you.

If this sounds like a plan you can get behind, read the Fine Print and FAQ, then fill out and submit the form below.

NOTE: We require all clients to acknowledge that they have read both the Fine Print and FAQ prior our first training session.

When you’re done, we will get in touch with you to set up an appointment to meet you and your furbaby!

Ready for the Next Step?

Luna and Luka
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