Dog Training in Kansas City

Dog Trainer in Kansas City

If you are one of the many dog owners in Kansas City, we want you to understand the importance of dog training. However, our team at KISS Dog Training knows that the key to having an obedient and well-behaved friend doesn’t start with the dog – it starts with YOU! That’s why you need KISS Dog Training to help you become the best dog trainer possible.

Consistency is Key to Dog Training in Kansas City

One of the first questions that people ask our dog training experts is, “How long will it take to train my dog?” The real question they should be asking is, “How long will it take to train me?” Being a successful dog trainer is heavily dependent on how much time and effort you, as a dog owner, want to put into it.

One of the most significant traits that we emphasize at KISS Dog Training is “consistency.” Staying frequent and persistent with your technique is critical to being a successful dog trainer in Kansas City. We will give you all the right tools to ensure you train your dog correctly. It’s truly up to you to put in the work and apply your newfound knowledge to your furry friend.

Why do You Focus More on the Owner and Not Dog Training?

This is a great question! We can teach your dog what they need to know, but then once we’re done, they still go home to you. It is crucial that the person your dog sees each day is the same person that establishes the rules. By teaching you all the proper techniques used by professional Kansas City dog trainers, we can help you establish yourself as the number one person your pup listens to.

What Can I Expect from Each Class?

Most sessions with our professional dog behavior specialists will last approximately one hour, but we will go for as long as you and your dog can handle. We know that some sessions go better than others, and our furry friends may need a break before reaching the one-hour mark. If we need to cut the training session short and it lasts less than 45 minutes, we will shift that extra time to a future session. An additional trip fee may be required, depending on the situation.

Dog Training in Kansas City

Stay Current on Your Dog Training Homework…Yes, Homework

To ensure that you are progressing at the right pace, one of our dog behavior specialists in Kansas City will assign you different items after each session. Whether it’s notes to review, blogs to read, or helpful videos, we will give you meaningful content that will help you move forward in your training. The more motivated you are to learn about the dog training process, the faster you can get the results you want!

If you have any other questions about working with a Kansas City dog trainer to help improve your skills as a dog owner, contact our team today. We look forward to giving you the tools necessary to help your pup become the obedient friend you’ve always wanted.

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