In Home Dog Training in Kansas City

In Home Dog Training in Shawnee

We know that most dog owners lead busy lives, and it’s not always convenient to bring your furry friend into a facility for a training session. No worries, we will bring the training to you! KISS Dog Training offers in-home dog training in Shawnee and other surrounding communities. You and your furry friend can receive professional dog training from the familiar environment of your home! Training from the comfort of your home can be extremely beneficial for your pup’s progress.

Your private, in-home training sessions in Shawnee will cover various topics. We focus our training sessions on giving you the skills necessary to progress your training process. Remember, we don’t train your dog—we train YOU! We’re not the ones who see your pup every day; you are! It’s important to learn all of the proper training techniques and commands so you can consistently practice them with your dog.

During each one-hour training session, we implement the proper training techniques to fit you and your dog’s individual needs. Each dog breed is different, and so is each dog owner; that’s why we take the time to customize in-home dog training plans for every situation. Whether you have a puppy or an aggressive dog, we have the experience to get you on the right track.

Puppy Training in Shawnee

As much as we want our pups to stay little forever, they do eventually grow. During this crucial stage of dog training, it is important that dog owners establish themselves as the primary person in their puppy’s life. Our team of professional trainers will work with you to make sure that your pup learns how to listen and take instructions from you. We want to establish rules and routines inside your homes that ensure your furry friend develops from a cute, innocent pup to a well-behaved, obedient dog.

If there’s one area of puppy training that people dread, it’s potty-training. Don’t let it stress you out; KISS Dog Training is here to help! It’s crucial to establish a potty-training routine during the early weeks of your puppy’s life. Our in-home puppy training in Shawnee also includes two free eBooks on potty training and how to get started. This way, you and your pup can practice good habits even when we’re not there.

In Home Dog Training Kansas City

Aggressive Dog Training in Shawnee

If your dog has shown signs of being a little too aggressive, it’s essential to work on their behavioral skills. Our trusted team of professional trainers at KISS Dog Training is here to help! There are a wide variety of factors that can trigger aggression in dogs, and we’re committed to working diligently to locate the source of the issue.

Genetic issues, over-protective behavior, or being abused by a previous owner are all factors that could trigger aggressive behaviors. Our experts in aggressive dog training will work closely with you and your pup to figure out what triggers their aggression. Together, we will develop a customized plan that will help your dog remain calm around other animals and people.

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