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So I just finished reading the book for Shelter Volunteers, which really is awesome for owners and volunteers. It provides a wealth of knowledge in an easy-to-understand format, that I could start using as soon as I put the book down (or turned kindle off). Then I bought this one (Downward Dog) last night because I have one dog that is a big jumper!! And I just really appreciated the detail behind why, then how to change it. Also the reminder that the success depends on me!! Now the question is, can my husband and I do it on our own, or would we be more successful, thus the dogs be more successful, if we brought Mike in. I think the latter is true if I am being honest!! But please buy the book, and then make your decision

Nikki, Olathe, KS

Mike’s course and hand feeding helped Rocky tremendously. I get instant recall 99% of the time. Pretty good for a Husky. He looks at me lovingly after connecting me with a resource and he does not even like food that much. We have a ritual now that he gets pets and love before he will eat each meal. Huge difference in attentiveness and interaction. Still working with my foster fail GSD.

Susan, Independence, Mo

I am so glad I read Mike's newest book, Downward Dog. As a mom to three fur-babies, it was fascinating to see each of the dog's tendencies and personalities addressed. AND to put it into perspective (in a humorous way) that the humans are to blame when a dog jumps or 'acts out'. i will be using a lot of the wisdom shared in this book to more effectively communicate with and love on my kiddos! I would HIGHLY recommend this it on Amazon today!

Monica , Overland Park, Ks

This weekend we took a class from Mike Deathe of Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) Dog Training on how to introduce a newborn to your dog family. I don't care how long you've owned a dog or how perfect they are, his classes will definitely open your eyes to techniques that make it simple and safe for everyone. Please check them out if you are expecting!

Mandy, Drexel, Mo

I wanted to reach out because I can't thank you enough for your help with Elvin. I will never forget the day when you told me that if I "re-home" Elvin his quality of life wouldn't be even as close to what he has with us... I think about that all the time, when we're hanging out and he looks up at me like, "Dude, I'm so comfortable and so thankful that you kept me and I'm sorry that I smell sometimes and I'm sorry that I'm a weird pain but I just love and appreciate you so much." And I thank you, Mike, for being real and hopeful and genuine in seeing the potential in Elvin.

Ryan, Westwood, KS

Update on Rhonda: We have been having great success after your home visit. Last night we had a lovely evening with another couple over for dinner and Rhonda only had to revisit her kennel a few times in the first hour. Our friends stayed for 4 hours and half way thru the visit she was passed out asleep on the floor! We have been having friends stop by to practice the training and is working wonderfully. Thank you so much for the confidence you've given me with the best dog I've ever owned❤I'll always be thankful to you for this!

Jennifer H, Lees Summit, MO

This review is long overdue! I was VERY hesitant and extremely skeptical at first to hire a trainer for my 7 year old adopted min pin. My major issue was that she barked incessantly at other dogs, and couldn't be out in social situations if there was another dog there. I finally called Mike, and I'm extremely glad that I did! Mike's awesome- great at communicating his ideas, and my dog loved him. Surprisingly, I began to see a vast improvement in her behavior within just a session or two. Mike gives you all the tools to succeed, and they actually work!

Felicia, Kansas City, MO

At our house, we refer to Mike as "The Dog Whisperer". We have a rescue dog, a Pit Bull...and to say she is a bit of a spaz would be an understatement. I was ready to throw in the towel...and Mike seriously had us trained in no time! I say us...because our pup wasn't the problem. We were. 🙂. Now we have a nearly 1 year old fantastic dog - and we owe it all to Mike.

Denise R, Shawnee, KS

Big shout out thanks to Mike at KISS Dog Training who helped us and Neko accomplish a huge step last night at our son's send off party to the Army! Biggest compliment was a guest asked "where is the dog?" Reply "in the next room working with Mike our trainer" Hadn't heard a peep from Neko for a solid hour with a dozen strangers in the house!!! A 3 yr Pembroke mix bred for herding and nipping cattle to move cows along has been been adopted 3 times. Neko's social skills as well as my family's owner skills have dramatically improved. Mike cares and I'd recommend him to anyone!

Terri C, Shawnee, KS

Our rescued misfit, Missy, is a work in progress. Mike has been a great help, and his ideas don't cost you a small fortune ... just a little of your time to pay attention to what your dog is telling you. Awesome job, Mike, keep up the good work!

Heather S, Kansas City, MO

Let me tell you... My dog's life is better because we did this training program. Petri is so responsive and well behaved, that I can take him traveling with me, take him over to friend's houses... Every dog deserves for their owner to enroll in excellent training programs like this one, so that they can live more exciting lives! Mike taught me how to tune into what Petri is trying to convey to me. Group class was an amazing investment. Also when I work long days, I love to hire Mike to go over to my place (I totally trust him) and give Petri a 30 minute Training Walk. Not only are Petri's manners a little more "refreshed" by the time I get home, but I don't have to feel guilty because he got some exercise while I was out- which lets me focus better at work. 🙂

Eliza C, Shawnee, KS

Special thanks for the video, Mike; I had completely forgotten how to do the “don’t turn your back” game (as well as the more advanced “stay” steps) by the time the sun came up today! I couldn’t bring it up to save my soul.

SO … thank you for all that went into making videos like this, so that I could go back and re-learn before I started working with the dog!!

Barbara F, Kansas City, KS

Our dog Jacie is an 80lb American Bulldog/Boxer Mix. When we called Mike we were at the end of our patience. She was attacking our older Boxer mix (Cheyenne), food aggressive and generally disobedient. Mike met with us and gave us the keys to communicating with Jacie in a way the she responds to. Now, Jacie wouldn't dream of eating before we do, nor snarling at anyone around food. She actually plays with Cheyenne on occassion. She is a whole new dog. Thanks Mike for giving us and Jacie the tools to communicate.

Elisa, Bonner Springs, KS

I know its been a while but I wanted to let you know how great Derby is doing! We've had some steps backward along the way, but wer're starting to see a much happier, less anxious dog and a happier, less anxious household as a result! We're feeling increasingly confident about bringing a baby into the mix this May- something I never would have said 6 months ago! thanks Mike!

Sarah, Raytown, MO

My two mini schnauzers were having serious "sibling rivalry" fights, and were very insecure around people and other animals. Going on walks with them was nearly impossible. That is, until I contacted Mike with KISS Dog Training. Mike was able to give me some excellent pointers on how to engage my dogs in productive behaviors and working for the resources they love the most (food, belly rubs, toys, etc). After implementing these tips and putting in the effort to be consistent I can now enjoy walking my mini schnauzers and the sibling rivalry is the a thing of the past! Thank you KISS for giving me the tools to maintain a happy healthy family.

Jennifer, Lee's Summit, MO

Thanks, Mike! We had an awesome time on Saturday! One hour is definitely not enough! You certainly are a wealth of information - I could listen to you all day!

Veronica, Overland Park, KS

I just wanted to thank you again for your time on Saturday. We have had several opportunities to practice the "watch me" when people are walking by us and I just love the results!" 🙂

Kelly, Lenexa, KS

Mike is very knowledgeable in the art of training and problem solving for your dog issues. His methods are straightforward, easy to learn and very effective. I would highly recommend him for your training solutions.

Jane, Merriam, KS

Yay for KISS Dog Training! Thanks for all you have done for Harper and I! Harper and I, after lots of training with Mike, are officially an Animal Assisted Therapy team! What a great success story! I recommend KISS Dog Training and Mike to EVERYONE!

Ashlee, Olathe, KS

I cannot say enough positive things about Mike and KISS Dog Training. Mike is a consistant and valued contributor of educational articles for MetroPet magazine. I have personally benefited from his expertise and often encourage friends to read his articles and blogs. Mike's approach to dog training is easy to understand yet extremely effective. I will continue to encourage friends and family to utilize KISS dog training!

Eric, Overland Park, KS

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