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Buying a home that is pet-friendly and selling a home with a pet present can be challenging.  Here are our top tips for pet parents to make your experience a pleasant one!

Home buyers with pets have specific requirements just like home buyers with kiddos consider school district when shopping for a home!
1. Check county, city & home owner association restrictions.  Many restrict the number, types, sizes, breed, and yes…even noises…of pets allowed!
2. Consider home features like carpet, wood, tile, window coverings, & exterior faucets. Consider layout like stairs for aging pets, closets and private places for pet supplies & litter boxes.  Make a list of what you as a good pet parent need in your new home & if the home you are considering makes sense for how you allow your pet to live in your home.
3. Is the neighborhood pet friendly?  Look for neighbors walking their dogs, pet waste receptacles, a nearby dog park.  Street traffic can freak out the most well-behaved pet so you may consider passing on a home near a busy street.
4. Were there previous pets in the home?  Check for pet damage behind doors and under rugs.  Pets will mark their territory if previous damage is not properly cleaned and deodorized.  It is wise to ask about prior flea treatments.
5. Locate local pet services you require like pet food & supplies, veterinary clinic, pet sitter & groomer.
6. Do you require a safe play area for your dog?  If so, is the yard already fenced in or will you need to build your own?  If a fence already exists, is there a gate & does it latch, is it high enough so your dog can’t jump over it, is the gap at the bottom small enough that fido can’t crawl underneath, are there loose boards that need to be replaced?
For more information on how to buy a pet-friendly home and how to sell a home with a pet present, give Team REALExperience a call!

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