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Most people love pets, unless the pets belong to someone else!   
Home sellers who love their pets have a hard time imagining how someone else might feel negatively about their beloved furry friend!  Pets in the house can be a deal-breaker for buyers and the seller may lose money. 
After all, it is a seller’s objective to make buyers feel as comfortable as possible during the showing. Buyers don’t care how much you love your pets & they certainly aren’t interested in seeing or smelling them. Consider these tips to minimize the impact of your pets and maximize interest from potential buyers!
1.The single best thing to do to ensure top dollar for your home is to relocate your pets while your home is on the market.  If that is not an option, at least remove the pet while showing your home.  Pets can make buyers uncomfortable & even afraid, running them off before they have a chance to fall in love with your home.
2.  Nothing turns people off like a bad smell.  One of the biggest reasons people will or won’t buy a house is odor.  Pet odors & air fresheners are the worst.  The number one thing a buyer thinks when they see or smell an air freshener is “What odor is the seller trying to mask?”.
3. Minimize all other negative associations with pets…litter boxes & potty pads, carpet & floor stains (Yes!  Hire a professional to get rid of them!) 
4. Remove everything in the house that says animal!  Vacuum regularly, put away food & water bowls when not in use, pick up toys & pack up the beds & cat tree.  Don’t forget to take down pet photos & magnets.  It’s simple…don’t market your pet…market your house. 
5. If you must kennel your pet in your home when showing your house, display a note warning buyers to not disturb them.  Showing instructions should indicate the presence of a pet as well.  
6. Dogs are always distracting because buyers tend to focus on the dog instead of the house.  And barkers are the worst.  Barking is your dogs method of delivering a warning. How can you possibly focus on the features & benefits of the home & visualize yourself living there with all that racket.  Children of buyers along for the showing may be frightened by a growling or barking dog.

For more information on how to buy a pet-friendly home and how to sell a home with a pet present, give Team REALExperience a call!

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