hmmmmmOK while I do not recommend using either chokes or prong collars and while the information in this article is really good… It even does a wonderful job in educating what could go wrong if you choose to use one of these devices. I fear that the tone of this article will actually convince people already using the devices to not change due to the tone of the article…

While I agree and want everyone to use positive reinforcement training, attacking and labeling things as right or wrong is not going to change anything. When was the last time you told someone they were wrong and proceeded to tell them all the ways what you are doing is harmful and all the harm they are doing that actually changed their mind? Well probably never, because the minute you started in on them they quit listening and started formulating their response…. Think of our Government as an example!

Instead I think we should show our knowledge as to why you might want to try using another technique. Let them continue using the tools you don’t like and show them they are not necessary and that all you want to do is help! Remember it is our mantra “Ignore the Bad and Reward the Good”

It is up to us to live up to it, not theirs!

Unfortunately the world seems rather happy to just fight about Right/Left, Positive/ Negative or This or That, and accomplish nothing… With all that being said this article has lots of good info and is definitely worth the read but please choose to educate rather than admonish when you pass it on from here!!!!


Choke and Prong Collars | Victoria Stilwell Positively

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