Dog Training in Kansas CityOK, I don’t have a bunch of time, but just what do you do with your dog? Do you do therapy work? How about competition obedience? Maybe Rally – Obedience, or Agility. I have to be at an elementary school in 25 minutes with my dog Leo so that kids can read to her. 

I ask this question because of all the calls I get that the dog barks too much, the dog is crazy, the dog does not pay attention, blah, blah blah. Now I don’t mean to sound mean but really you keep the dog in your backyard or in a kennel for 8-10 hours a day and expect a calm well behaved dog? Come on now, that would be like taking a third grader to an amusement park after Mt. Dew and a candy bar and expecting to teach arithmetic… Both are pipe dreams. 

So in both cases, kids or dogs get involved and find something to do together and learn to enjoy each other. Please leave comments on just what you do with your dog to spend time together… 

Till Next Time
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