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OK so as with the warm weather and more activity… It seems the calls about dog and dog bites also increase… Here is a great resource for describing the type and severity of a bite and a general prognosis for each level… This comes from Dr Ian Dunbar and is in my opinion one of the best…

I will say that in many if not most cases with dogs and kids, the real culprit is lack of management and is usually due to a reaction to inappropriate behavior of an unsupervised or under supervised child… In my humble opinion I would not leave a child and dog alone until at least 12-13 years of age and that really depends on the particular child and the particular parents! (in many cases I would never allow alone time)

Dog/Dog bites are a totally different situation and can have many, many causes and explanations, but suffice it to say that doing socialization training with people and SAFE, STABLE and FRIENDLY dogs when your dog is a puppy is your best bet, but not even that can solve every problem.

Once a biting incident has occurred I truly believe that you should never really consider it fixed or cured no matter what anyone says. I use the example of Cancer or Anger management. With Treatment you can certainly improve, modify and manage the situation and in some cases even put the issue in “remission” but you can never actually say it has been cured… If you put yourself in an environment that pushes you past your limits you will go back to what has worked in the past… Or if you make unhealthy choices, a Cancer can come back… 

In the end we are the people who have to help the dog succeed and keep them from encountering situations that might elicit a bite again but never fall prey to the promise of a guaranteed fix for anything (including dog training) Be aware, be educated and be realistic in what you trying to accomplish. 

If you find yourself in this uncomfortable situation please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to talk to you !!!!




P.S. every situation is different and this is a post coming from a general sense not a specific situation. That is why the offer to discuss your specific issues is included. If I am outside of your area please contact APDT and use their trainer search for your geographic area and talk to a professional now rather than later!





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