checkthisoutIf you own a dog, and that dog pulls or reacts like a goon around other people or dogs on a walk, YOU NEED TO READ THIS ARTICLE!!!

This is so much more a common issue than people realize and by isolating or not walking your dog you are actually going to make the problem worse not better.

In my humble opinion the solution is normalizing the dogs walking experience and making it no big deal, not to mention teaching the dog that while on leash their job is to ignore the world and pay attention to mom or dad! Think of it as being back in grade school; at recess (off leash) you can be a goof, while when in the class room (on leash) attention must be on the teacher! We can even make this process fun and rewarding for the dog!

This article nails it and is written by a vet/behaviorist that I trust, like and even know, so lets start right now by reading and if you need more help? Well just call the office 913-269-7595
and we will be glad to come out and help



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