useful linksOK so I did a final follow up today with a client who has a somewhat reactive/fearful rescue dog… We met four times over a period of about 2 months and most of our work was getting the dog to pay attention, and then to learn (with a clicker) to look at Mom before deciding to react. As with many doggy parents in this situation it is really hard for them to know when to click or what to look for when it comes to stress/anxiety or fear in their dogs…  After all that is why they call us trainers, but we have spent years learning to read dog body language!

Well I want to share with you a tool I recommend to many of  my clients with issues like this… The Language of Dogs DVD by Sarah Kalnajs, it is easily the best dog body language DVD I have found and people just eat it up! I firmly believe that if folks are better educated in what dogs are trying to tell us that training itself becomes easier and less stressful, and that leads to less stress in the dogs, which then again leads to less stress in the owner and then to better behaviors in both the dog and owner…

So with that I leave you with the link to the DVD and hope it helps you as much as it has me and my clients! 



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