OK the ghouls and goblins are going to be out, there will be strange smells, weird sights and even stranger noises on Oct.31stand let me be the first to tell you… This will not be an easy night on your dog! I have said it before and I will say it again, new things scare dogs. They do not deal with change well at all. Neither do we (we just like to claim we do)! So here are some tips that might make your Halloween night more Spook-tacular…
   1.       Do not keep your dog outside! You run the risk of them biting out of fear, being teased or even worse being hurt by insensitive pranksters. Not to mention with all the commotion of the night Fido is going to be way happier in the house with you!
   2.       Make sure your decorations are all secure and cannot be torn down. Think about it if your dog gets tangled in them they are first going to pull then they are going to panic… The first rule is “high enough”  so Fido cannot get to them. Second is they are secure enough so that if Fido runs into them they will not tangle. (this is a good rule not only for dogs but for small kids as well)
     3.       NO CANDY…. PERIOD…NO WAY, NO HOW!!!! Chocolate is very dangerous to dogs and can kill them! It contains a substance called theobromine which is poisonous. Raisins are another food which are not good for dogs! The wrappers and packaging can even block the intestines L Lollipop or camel apple sticks can cause choking and or internal damage. So NO CANDY!!!
     4.       Lastly, keep Fido away from the front door!!! We don’t want a scared dog darting out the door and running for his life from all the costumed crazies. Not to mention we don’t want our dog biting someone at the door due to fear because of all the costume and crazy looking gear!!!
Let’s face it Halloween is a night to keep Fido close to you, crated or on a leash. It is just safer for everyone…
Happy Howl-O-Ween to you all, just keep these tips in mind and both you and your dog should enjoy the evening!
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