Luna update: She is coming home Thursday the 2nd after my beginner class but here is where we are as of now 🙂


Ok so as this blog series unfolds, you need to understand that some of the dog training tips are very time sensitive and if followed your chances of having a dog that does not listen, becomes aggressive or just is that dog that does not like let’s say kids, goes down dramatically. However it does not mean that a dog that has not gotten these things done needs to be given up on!!! Enter Luna and this blog series as a roadmap…

She is 4-5 months old and very fearful of just about everything but she does like dogs. Her fear has at no point ever led to a nip or bite (just avoidance). She is the poster child for a dog that will take more work and more effort but in the end I believe make a great pet/companion and yes in my mind’s eye also the next coworker with me with KISS Dog Training. So keep that in mind as you see me bounce around the actual directions I give my clients and realize every dog is different and each will have their own speed and abilities with the things we ask for!

Crate for living room, to help with safe space and comfort.

In a sense Luna is approx. 2 month behind schedule so when I pick her up later this week the first 10 days or so will be all normalization of her new home and siblings (3 other dogs and two teenage boys) We will also be introducing her to crate training and hand feeding. IF things go well enough during this first 10 period, we might do some field trips to the different family members I have living here in the area and might even take a trip to PetSmart??? 

So that being said this is my plan for the first 10 days and here is my list of things to buy and/or get done

  • Two crates one for our living space (to give her a safe spot and the other for my bedroom so she has a safe managed place to sleep near me) Done
  • Poochie Bells for potty training Done
  • Baby gate purchased (just in case I need to separate old dogs from Luna)
  • Puppy food (she cannot eat my older dogs food)
  • Set up time to meet the vet (Done already)
  • Beginner Class (already signed up and paid for April 19th)
  • Print off my socialization checklist
  • Crate for the Bedroom. Where she will sleep, being close to me.
    Prepped both of my boys about hand feeding and who is doing what for this little girl
  • New Collar and leash (still need to do J)
  • Picked out the doggy daycare and groomer (already done) but this will be a while and during the socialization checklist period…
  • Plain yogurt for Kong’s ( I use peanut butter, apple sauce, pumpkin and yogurt mixed with dog food)
  • Need to buy a couple of smaller Kong’s (medium, for crate time and calming)
  • Rubber backed bathmat to teach Park it




I know I have forgotten stuff but will let you know as we go about all my mistakes so you can learn from them 🙂 But if we don’t start off prepared then you start off not ready 🙁 


Baby gate to separate Luna from the other dogs if either needs some space...
Poochie-Bells for potty training…


The next blog will cover the basic rules of socialization for puppies, then we will also post the actual socialization list I give to clients…


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