OK this article has a lot of truth to it and yes dogs and kids can live together, but to me as a trainer the educated conversation that needs to happen is about socialization not the fact that kids and dogs can live together. In my world if dogs are socialized correctly there is no difference in the breed… However many people do not socialize their dogs 🙁 
Instead they wait till after the baby comes home and problems to show up, then they react… I do not want to bash the article there is nothing incorrect or not factual, I am just concerned with the tone of the article. I want to preach from the mountain top the importance of socialization and remind all soon to be parents the nightmare that can occur if you neglect this aspect of training… The article does mention that dogs are never to be left alone with kids which is great and I do agree that the breed of dog (if socialized) has no bearing on being around kids….  
But I am also giving you my article on the homework you need to do before baby comes home…. 
As always please let us know what you think????
Here is my article
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