Many of you have I am sure heard about this terrible situation (If you have not I included the link at bottom) but I want to add my two cents. I posted the video to the Kiss Dog Training page and stressed the importance of sharing this info with your entire list of friends and that we had to try and learn from this sad event. However I found many “dog people” making fun and pointing out the lady should have known better than putting her face in the face of the dog or she should have been able to read the dogs body language better. In the end many thought it was her own fault.
My issue with this is that us “Dog Geeks” have more knowledge and skills than the regular person and it is our job to teach and share events like this to make sure it does not happen again. It really hit me wrong the flippant attitude from some folks. I will end this rant the  same way I did on Facebook and plead and request you all share this, especially to people with kids. The young lady in question, now has her mouth wired shut, so the skin graphs on her lips can heal not to mention 70 stitches, all over something that could have been prevented. So spread the word and help the situation rather than make light of it!

Click here for more info and video of incident.  

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