So, I was just sitting here and a question popped into my head and I realized it would make a great article so here it is folks:
Why is it we, as humans, have decided dog is man’s (or woman’s) best friend, and just what is it that makes them a great pet?
Well for me, the answer is simple, “Unconditional Love!” Let’s face it…dogs are the only animal in the world that are honestly always happier to see us than we are to see them. They greet us at the door wanting nothing but our attention and affection. They never greet you with:
v  Man I have had a rotten day!
v  You know I could really use some space tonight!
v  What do you mean you forgot the milk?
v  Or my personal favorite…I could really use some me time tonight!
Nope, we own dogs because we are the center of their universe and we know that no matter how bad our day might have been, they are going to be happy to see us. They know when we are down, not feeling well, and they are there for us every time we need or want them. The problem is, in many cases we abuse this gift, sometimes on a small scale, other times on a much larger scale.
Think about it, what animal do you know that someone can physically abuse, but turn right around and want affection from the same person just minutes later? Or willingly slink away when we rebuff them after a bad day and then take our bad day out on them? As with many human conditions, we tend to take for granted the things that are right in front of us, and in many cases our dogs fall right into that category. When we need them we enjoy them, even begin to expect their attention, but when that attention comes at the wrong time, we fail our dogs. Hell, I’ve even been told that simply living with a dog makes us less likely to have allergies and that you can expect to live about 7 years longer because of all this unconditional love!
So folks, as I sit here rambling on at my keyboard all I can really ask of you is to really consider what is happening the next time your furry four footed friend meets you at the door. And ask yourself a very simple question, is it me that deserves the dog or is it the dog who deserves me? All I can do is hope that if we begin to treat all the dogs out there better, maybe some of it will rub off on how we humans treat each other as well…
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