Wow this article opens a big ole can “O Worms” and I am gonna remind folks to be kind in their comments right up front. While as a dog trainer I will tell you it should not be a banned dog list and rather a banned owners list. While I do understand there are all sorts of situations that make up the spectrum of dog bites, I personally think that most of the dogs on this list tend to do more damage when they do bite but probably do not bite as much as lets say a Dachshund (they have been the top of the biter list 2 years running)… However the damage from a a Dachshund bite and one from a Mastiff will definitely be different. So what is the answer? Well here is just two suggestions off the top of my head….

  1. You must have the dog Trained if on the list (Require the Canine Good Citizen Certification)
  2. You must Carry additional insurance (umbrella policy) to be insured
The idea of flat denying folks will just create people that will lie to get insurance and that my friends will simply create more issues… As I said earlier I want your opinions but remember that everyone has an opinion and you don’t have to agree but you do have to be nice 🙂 Education and discussion is what will fix issues like this not fighting….

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