A friend of mine works for Ram Exterminators and has helped me and several of my clients with Flea Problems… I asked him if he would like to guest blog and talk about what he does and this was the article I got from him, its really cute and gets the point across. For those of us who have fought the battle of the bug enjoy!!! Ram’s Contact Info is at the bottom, they come highly recommended!
My name is Leon, Leo for short as my Master calls me.  He calls me special, a breed like Mutt or Mongrel. Unlike many of my buddies I was rescued, I was saved from a horrible end by a kind and affectionate Master.  He picked me, with so many choices, it was clear this guy was special too.  Taking me to his home was one of the best days of my life, now more than 6 years ago—seems like a lifetime.
My Master is so playful, gives me a ball to chase and lots of other toys.  He takes me along on trips to the store, and I get to guard over his special ride as he calls it.  Sometimes we go to a large park where there are other dogs running around and playing with their masters.  I have even met a couple of buddies from old shelter days there!
Sometimes when we go back home after our outing I get an urge to scratch.  I itch all over; my ears burn and I can’t seem to shake the urge to scratch.  The only relief I can find is to continually scratch and lick myself all the time and in the end none of it really works.  It appears pesky Fleas have found a new home in my thick fur and I don’t like it.  My Master is also very upset, that I have allowed these nasty little things into his home.
Now don’t get me wrong my master cares for me deeply, however when I get the “itch” it sends him into frenzy and the cycle of insanity begins again… Giving me baths with this nasty stuff that smells bad, spraying my stuff with nasty spray and even bombing my house with clouds of nasty stuff as well… Heck he even put a nasty smelling collar on me that I had to wear all of the time and for what, a couple of days where things seem to get better but inevitably I would be itching again worse than before.  
Having a smart master is one of the perks for my breed.   He reads a lot of books, newspapers and spends a lot of time on his computer … What seemed like an endless battle with those nasty Fleas my Master had all but given up when he started researching the problem on line… After a few hours he looked right at me and said “It’s our lucky day I just found the solution to our problems”…
A few days later my Master brought a friendly fellow to our home named Daryl who worked with a company called Ram Exterminators.  Boy that is a big word for a simple mutt like me but Daryl came in and boy did he know his stuff, he knew right where the fleas were hiding in our house and he even knew what kind of medicine to use to make them all go away! I even heard him talking to my master about some of the issues most folks don’t realize with Fleas…
It seems these fleas are brought in from the outside, grassy areas.  Daryl told us that to get ahead of this nightmare we had to break what he called the breeding cycle.   These pesky fleas can really multiply in a short time and create this army that takes over me and my master’s home.  Daryl described to best treat these guys he would spray a chemical all over our home that not only kills the adult flea but more importantly the spray prevents the eggs from maturing ending their cycle.  He explained that many products found at the store are not designed to eliminate the adult and the eggs and gave us a good idea why my Masters efforts were in vain.  He also reassured us the treatment was harmless to me.  What a relief.
Daryl recommend my Master vacuum our floors before treatment: to get the tiny eggs exposed to his treatment.  We left the house for a while for Daryl to do his work.   I still had to have another smelly bath when we got back home, but this would be the last one of its kind for a long time.

The success of the program lies in the special chemistry Daryl used and keeping our carpets vacuumed frequently, making sure those eggs would not reach maturity.  Our home today is so much better.  No more fleas or itching.  My master lets me lay by his feet again to reassure each of us our loyalty and love for one another.  Darly was great and wants us to come meet my old buddy at the park real soon.  What a happy day for all.  
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