Caught in the Act

It was midnight.
Outside, it was hot and steamy. A summer storm was brewing. You could hear the rolling thunder in the distance.

Inside, the air was hot and charged as well.

They were sitting on the couch, staring into each other’s eyes, wondering why they had not noticed each other sooner. They were so different, and yet so … compatible.

Slowly, they moved closer to each other until their bodies touched. Their hearts were throbbing, their pulses racing. He leaned forward and could feel her breath on his face. “Fish for dinner again.” He chuckled to himself and wondered if she would eat anything else…

The lights suddenly went out. Must have been the thunder. They couldn’t see each other in the dark and yet were very much aware of each other’s presence. They knew what happened next was inevitable. They both knew it was wrong, but it felt so right…

He reached for her and held her closely. Right at that moment, the lights went back on, and oh no, they were caught in the act! (Warning: Click to see the picture only if you are over 18!)

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