OK so many people know that I recommend hand feeding so that you can train your dog via resource control…  If you control all the good things in your dogs you are the leader, that way you don’t have to resort to being a butt head! But several of you have asked if there are other ways to work on resource control? Well sure there are and today we are going to talk about two great ways we can accomplish this! Beds and Furniture….
OK so to be a resource the dog simply has to enjoy the object or item… Trust me beds and furniture both fall into this category J Control is just as simple, it means that we the humans control the item or object… So really even those of you that do not allow your dog on furniture or beds are using some sense of resource control.
So how do you control this resource if you let you pooch sleep with you or get on the couch? Well it is simple you require permission to gain access! I know many trainers say that dogs should never be allowed on furniture or beds but I don’t really agree (there are some cases in which I will remove this privilege but they are few and far between and not the norm) I figure that if my dog understands that I own and control these resources that it does not affect my role as the leader… The basic idea is that of “Sit Say Please” where the dog must patiently give the behavior sit while asking permission to get up… Then and only then will the human allow or ask the dog to come up with them.
Now don’t expect this to be an overnight training session this is something that will take a consistent routine to achieve but trust me the time you invest here will come back with dividends in a dog with manners and impulse control! A simple word of caution, though…  If you allow your dog permission to get up on beds and couches (even with your permission) you should realize that the permission idea will only happen when you are around or using the resource… When you are not around you must realize that the dog is probably on the couch or the bed… So before making the decision make sure you and everyone else in the family is on board.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have a dog who said please before getting up on the couch or bed???
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