OK so if you are looking to buy a house and have dogs in your family, it makes things just a little bit more complicated! If I can make a suggestion I would tell you to start with a list… There are several things you will need to consider so that you don’t make a home buying decision that you end up regretting…. So here we go!!!

1.    Know all the city regulations concerning dogs, in the areas in which are looking for homes….
a.    What breeds are allowed and what breeds are banned
b.   How many dogs are allowed in a single household
c.    What are the leash laws
d.    What are the licensing requirements
Let’s face it these are questions you need to answer before looking for homes! The last thing you want to do is find the perfect home and find out that your dog is a banned breed in that area or that you can only have 2 dogs in a particular city when you have 3 L Instead do some homework up front and find out which communities and/or towns to eliminate from the areas in which to look at…..

2.   You need a fence!
a.    Again what are the building regulations
b.   What if the community or Home Owners Association does not allow fences
c.    Consider the Negative training associations that occur when using wireless  or wired fence systems with shock collars and/or chains
d.    Does your dog have the training or capability to  live without the management and protection of a fence
e.    Can you afford to install a fence right off the bat if you buy a particular home? If not are you willing to manage your dog for the time period until you can?
Lots of folks tell me that they planned on getting a fence but cannot afford it right now… Or want to buy a wired or wireless shock collar fence to keep the dog in the yard without doing any research as whether it is a good idea or bad idea. Or they fell in love with a home in a community that does not allow fences and then can’t figure out why this isn’t working with a 2 year old lab who always had a backyard with a fence???

Again this is a situation that can be avoided by doing some research with your Realtor  prior to looking at homes. If you know what you want and what you don’t want before you start looking then you end up making an informed and successful decision 

The end game of this article is simple choose a Realtor that is more interested in finding you a home you will be happy in rather than a part time Realtor that is more interested in a sale than the things that will make both you and Fido happy!!!  


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