OK so here are some things to understand going into this process!
·         Your realtor is going to ask you to get rid of all crates, chew toys and other paraphernalia that your dog enjoys so much… Not to mention use to manage the dogs behavior while you are away. While this is not what you want to hear your realtor is right not all the prospective buyers will own dogs or want to know you own a dog!
·         I Know, I know, that is just not fair and while it is not…Your realtor does know best and getting rid of all the doggy related gear will result in a quicker sell and higher selling price! So how do we deal with this unfair situation for Fido?
·         Well step one; get to be on a first name basis with your local Doggy Daycare facility! (Ask your realtor I bet they have a favorite)
·         Then talk to your realtor about how to scheduling showings… Most will agree to give you at least a couple hour lead time before any showing.
·         Plan, up front, (this means before the house is on the market) transportation to doggy daycare for when you get the call that potential buyers are on the way…. This means talking to your boss or keeping your schedule free and easy or having friends, family or even a professional dog walker/sitter on call when needed. The fact is you have to be prepared prior to that phone call and be ready!
·         Being at Day Care will be less stressful not only for you, your pet but also for the potential buyers and the realtor as well….
·         Imagine the scenario; the dog barking and freaking out because new people are parading through the house and the Realtor having to yell to be heard or having to walk outside to talk. What about if the dog has had an accident or smells doggy? Does this really sound like a scenario that is gonna equal selling your house quickly or for top dollar????
The idea is to sell your house the most effective way possible, as quickly as possible and for as much money as possible. Each and every decision you decide to compromise on is simply one more reason for your goals to be compromised… Go in with eyes wide open and with complete plan in place and before you know it you and Fido will be living in the new Home of your dreams!!!

PS Listening to your Realtor no matter how frustrating shows a direct correlation to selling your house faster and for more money J
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