I don’t normally post on pets other than dogs but this one hits close to home… I used to be an area trainer for Pet-smart (Not Pet-co the company listed in the article) and know that rats of all of the small animals were the sweetest and in most cases friendliest of all the small animals. I saw first hand how much care all of the small animal critters received and how quickly sick animals were whisked off to the vet and off the sales floor….

Unfortunately I think that eventually these small animals will be no longer sold as pets and will probably also include others as well (hamsters and gerbils) because the legal risk will be to much. So the real question (legally) is who needs to do a better job of informing, customer or seller? I say both. By sharing this story I do not point blame at either party…This is a horribly tragic story and my thoughts and prayers go out to the family that lost their only child. I just want to share the story so that folks are better educated on some of the risks in owning other pet types… I am by no means an expert on this topic if anyone else has thought please share them….

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