A dog who destroys your home when you’re away is frustrated. His frustration has been displaced onto household objects. Anxiety (frustration) is a guaranteed response to lack of exercise.  You must condition a dog that being by themselves is okay.  Crating the dog with reward while you are away is helpful. 
Mike Deathe, founder KISS Dog Training


This is a quote of mine from several years ago. It covers a lot of territory and is actually quite good (shocker from me) But today I want to focus on those dogs who can not live life without being with or near their owners! I call these dogs “Velcro” dogs” and I hate to break it to ya but you the owners have created them! Just like with kids, dogs must be allowed to grow up and be independent so that they realize they can function alone and keep themselves busy on their own accord. Not only that if the training is done correctly they will not only keep themselves busy they will do it in a productive and non destructive way! 

Crate training is your first step. Don’t turn the crate into a prison because of the way you might think of it… Be creative and reward Fido for not only going in but give him something to do that is appropriate as well. A bone, stuffed Kong or even an appropriate chew toy. You can also have times of the day, watching your favorite TV show for instance, where Fido learns to occupy himself with an item like this so that once again he is learning to keep himself occupied and not having to be the center of attention…

Lets face it folks can only expect what it is you work on, right? So if you are allowing your dog to be the center of your universe 24/7 don’t be shocked when he freaks out and does something destructive or inappropriate the first time you don’t give him that level of attention!

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