Hey don’t know if you have heard but I am gonna be co-hosting a new radio show on Craving Talk Radio.com. The name of the show is going to be “IT HAPPENS”… The focus of the show will be to take a local look on life through the eyes of two guys, who are both entrepreneurs and divorced dads that love to talk… We are going to focus on:
•           The pro’s and con’s of owning a business
•           Parenting from a Dad’s perspective
•           Local events, causes and happenings
•           Regional and National business/life coaches and their tips on how to live a better life
•           And of course the promotion of our advertisers via interviews, social media and commercials

Being the fact that we are just getting started, advertising is gonna be really affordable (as little as 150.00 per month) I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee and tell you about the show in person and explain all of the marketing options. Just let me know when you are available and we can come up with when and where to meet. I hope all is well and that “IT HAPPENS” can help you get to the next level both personally and professionally!

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