Great Idea from our friends out in Utah at Best Friends Animal Society!!! 
And a  New Way to Look at Valentines Day!!!!
Still not sure about a four-legged Valentine? Best Friends Animal Society offer 14 compelling reasons why a pet might just be “The One” for you:

1.       Pets won’t play hard to get.
2.       Pets won’t break up with you on Twitter.
3.       Pets won’t mock you for eating ice cream out of the carton.
4.       Pets will never take the last beer.
5.       Pets don’t care what kind of car you drive.
6.       Pets love binge watching “Orange is the New Black” as much as you do.
7.       Pets have no desire to trade you in for a newer model.
8.       Pets couldn’t care less about your hair or what you wear.
9.       Pets love it when you leave your clothes on the floor (instant nap spot!).
10.    Pets won’t look at their smartphone when you are trying to have a conversation.
11.    Pets are cheap dates – no fancy dinners or expensive jewelry required.
12.    Pets drooling and snoring are pretty cute. Humans, not so much.
13.    Pets will snuggle whenever you want.
14.    Pets think every day is Valentine’s Day – just one more chance to show you unconditional love!

“We encourage anybody looking for love to go to one of our adoption centers or your local shelter or rescue to find that perfect match,” Castle said. “Big and small, young and old, there’s a wonderful adoptable pet waiting to meet you and make this your most special Valentine’s Day ever.” 
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