Great Opportunity for Dog Owners and Trainers!!!!

Did your dog eat the couch? Is he jumping on everyone who comes through the door? If you’re wondering why your dog is doing all those bad things, then this live & free session will help you. 

Resident Expert & Certified Dog Trainer Fernando Camacho will explain simple tips that you can do to help your dog learn to better live in your world. He’ll discuss common behavior problems & work on your dog’s individual issues. You’ll learn why your dog is doing all those bad things and get advice on how to help correct the behaviors. 

If you have a question, all you have to do is type it to Fern and he’ll do his best to answer it live during the session. You can also just sit there and listen in. Are you excited? We are! 

Be sure to share the invitation with your friends & register as soon as you can, space is limited. (By registering for the live session, you will be registered for Petocracy). Hope to “see” you there! 

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