OK so my pat answer to folks asking if their dog needs a friend (should we get another dog or two at the same time) I have the same ironically humorous answer…

  • One dog is a lot of work
  • Two dogs is 3 times as much work
  • Three dogs is 9 times as much work 
  • And four dogs is 81 times as much work
In the end this little example is not to be taken as mathematically accurate but instead to show that more dogs is exponentially more work and very rarely solves the problem intended, instead in many cases is ends up causing more problems…
This article actually addresses the multiple dog household from a totally new (to me at least) reason as to why it is harder, in some cases… The fact that the bond between litter mates (brothers and sisters) can actually be so close that it makes training and living with the pair more difficult.. Well before I give a way to much, click the link below and let us know what you think. As always we love hearing from you guys and remember all opinions are welcome as long as they are friendly and respectful 🙂

Littermate Syndrome: The risky downside to raising sibling puppies | Jeff Stallings, CPDT-KA

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