OK so you are probably wondering how my first weekend went with Miss Luna…


Potty Training Time!!!

Well let’s start with potty training:

Since Thursday 3.5 days we have had four #1 accidents and five # 2 accidents J And you expected a dog trainer to be perfect, right??? Well each and every whoops was 100% my fault. I would be in the office busy with Luna asleep at my feet, then next thing I know, no Luna and a deposit in my bedroom!

Or taking her outside and getting impatient and assuming she just did not have to go (just not used to or comfortable with the new space) Well starting today, Monday, we have had only one accident, mostly due to the fact I pulled out the baby gates and started using my dog training tricks (consistency and frequency) and even started using the crates more when I could not keep an eye on her… You do the work you see the results….

Crate with new cover (Bedroom)

Talking about crates I also built custom boxes to go over her crates so that they look nicer but also so she would feel more secure and safe in a covered area (like a den) many fearful dogs appreciate the cover J

Crate with new cover (Living Room)

I also figured out that she did not really take to the crate till I moved it to a corner of the living room where she was more hidden and safe, so don’t assume the first spot will be the best. Now keep in mind I have 2 crates one in the bedroom where she sleeps and one in the living room to be safe and sound during the chaos of the day… She has done awesome at night and is sleeping through the night mostly, first night got up at 2am to potty…

I made sure she has gotten at least 2 Kong’s per day in her crates so there was positive association with
the space, but we did not stop there! We have been hand feeding her as well every other meal by hand (while working on fun stuff and techniques) Check out this link for video examples of each of these with my other dogs, but trust me it works she has been coming out of her shell daily and much of it is do to these techniques.

Luna getting to know Big Sis Leo

Finally, socialization… obviously, she has met and has done great with my three dogs (8, 11 and 13) and yes, they have corrected her, growling and plenty of lip curling but all language has been appropriate but I did have baby gates and crates ready if I needed do the crate and rotate game if necessary but all it really took was me paying attention and going slowly!!!



She has also had plenty of hand feeding from both of my teenage boys and again that has gone great, just going slowly and letting her learn to trust again… And my feeding by hand has gotten us a good Sit, Down and Watch Me with Thank you and All Done (more on that later, but if you have watched the videos you already know)

Power-Tools are not scary, they equal treats

We have been around power tools, vacuum cleaners’ hardwood floors, tile floors and concrete dog runs… We have done field trips to PetSmart (a little too much probably), the shelter twice, my mom’s house (plus her dog) and my sister’s house and her dog…. This was in just the first almost 3 ½ days… We have committed to do at least that much on the weekends and at least one field trip a day during the week…. Each experience equals tons of treats and love

The only other thing to mention is how I am having to adjust my regular training thinking of lots of rules and routines for a pathway of no rules and ease

Field Trip to Grand Ma’s

 of mind and comfort… If she is happy on the couch I let her on the couch same with beds and her crate or even under a bed or a table. A fearful dog must be allowed to trust and come out of his or her shell at their own pace… So far it is working great and as of today, I finished the adoption paperwork and now I am again a failed foster!






Our next check in will more specifically deal with the socialization checklist and choosing our first group class…

The look of a dog that just found her Forever Home….


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