Ok so it’s been a while and I apologize but I had scout camp with the boys and several busy weeks with my actual job as a dog trainer but things are starting to mellow a bit so, it is time to update you all on Ms. Luna!!!

We finished our manners 101 class and have started manners 202 class ???? She is still going to doggy daycare 2 times a week and we are still going to the dog park but we are now going to the park solo sometimes so that we don’t get to attached to Mr. Petrie (Luna’s besty) … We are still hitting spots with people with limited success but there is slow progress. What do I mean? Well

  • We still bark and growl when pushed or startled but intensity is way down
  • She will take treats off the ground from strangers, if they toss them to her. Even after being startled
  • She will even walk up to some folks for pets after a treat or two and we have had a couple of folks she just walked up to.
  • No Growly or barky behavior last two visits to the dog park. The fact she has the space to move around and away from people is really doing the trick.
  • Growly and barky behavior is way down in the car but if startled will still react but with less intensity

So, we are still moving in the right direction and we still have and in many cases, are improving in other areas

  • Obedience wise (class) she is at the top of her class ????
  • Dog wise still awesome (in fact she is even helping with leash/reactive walking clients
    • One of her greatest assets is her ability to read and respect the body language of dogs!
  • Awesome on leash!!!


She is doing awesome and we are really starting to bond together as well… Which is always the toughest part for me and new dogs but she loves being around me and I love being around her but no matter how much we enjoy each other’s company the daily field trips continue:

  • Hardware stores
  • Coffee shops
  • Ice cream shops
  • Sporting stores
  • Any and all parks with lots of people

So, we are trucking along and working at her pace but remember the work is at her pace and progress will be up to her not me, but again thinking about this the first Luna blog was on 2/27/17 and today is 6/23/17… 4 months and we are still working everyday… Fearful dogs can make incredible pets and partners but it is not a process for the faint of heart or those who lack patience. I know she will make me a better person and better dog trainer ???? Keep checking in and we will be doing more updates!

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