So, you have this little ball of fluff or maybe an older dog from the shelter, now what? What should you expect? Well that is simple, a lot of work and some definite changes ????

First off, understand there is a honeymoon period… For the first 2 weeks or so you really will have no idea who your dog really is. He/She is getting to know you and you are getting to know him/her, think of it like having a house guest! Everyone will be on their best behavior. But after that honeymoon you will end up with a roommate and as we both know roommates and house guests act completely different ????

So, first things first, let things settle, get to know each other, and pay attention to who they are becoming… I do not recommend doing a ton of training in that first period with a dog, after all you both will be a little stressed just figuring out each other’s new routines… But there are a few things you can do to keep things at least progressing down a road you both will appreciate.

First, use your smart phone to set alarms every 2-3 hours to get both of you started on the idea that pottying happens outside not inside. It is easy to get distracted and allow accidents to happen in the house if you are not paying attention, so let’s use that “not so smart” phone to do something other than playing games and let’s get good potty habits going!!! PS if you have a puppy the process will be a little bit more detailed but either way setting alarms will help set good routines!

Second, hand feed your pooch for at least the first 30 days!!! This will help you:

  • Teach the dog to pay attention
  • Let the dog know you are important to him/ her after all you are the gateway to feeding
  • Allows you to start working on bonding with your pup
  • Finally give you the opportunity to start working on some real basic commands
    • Ez and Wait
    • Sit, Down and Watch Me (with Thank you and All done)
    • Turn Around Game
    • On and off couches and beds (if you choose to allow this)
    • In and out of the crate (or to train to a spot command)
    • Door Skills
    • Leave it

Now, if these sound a little complicated, no worries just visit our website and click the YouTube link, and find the playlist labeled “Actual How to Stuff with your Dog” and you will find 3-4 minute videos showing you how to do each and every one of these hand feeding techniques!

Here is the Link

So, enjoy your new pooch, get to know each other but above all ease into some rules and routines, that will keep you both on speaking terms ???? If you have any other issues or need more specific help on things, just reach out to the office and we would be glad to help!!!


Mike Deathe

Owner and Trainer

Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) Dog Training


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