OK many of you know I have written 3 books myself about dog training but every once in a while I get hold of a book that just really grabs me and while I am only two chapters in, Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson, has done just that. I actually got the privilege of meeting Ms. Grandin at a talk on Animal Behavior at a local Charity Stable Fundraiser and to say she is brilliant is well an understatement. The way she sees animals and their behavior is, breathtakingly simple and straightforwardly genius… I have only made it through the Intro chapter and the chapter on dogs and I have many wonderful ideas of differently ways to describe my ideas to clients in easier to understand terms, but the rest of this book is what has me really excited… Each chapter is devoted to a different domestic animal while the last chapters cover wild animals and zoos… If this book affects me as much at Animals in Translation (her preceding book) I know I will get my money’s worth. Don’t worry I will let you know one way or the other… I just had to drop a line to you folks about how incredible her chapter on dogs was and recommend you go get a copy and get to reading!!!!

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