Well this morning I go to my Facebook account and a friend of mine has sent me a link to an online store to take a look at a retractable leash with a cool poop bag dispenser built in! Well while I think the idea of having poop bags with you when you walk is a great idea… ( if you don’t shame on you)! The idea of a retractable leash, well how can I say this? I Hate Them!
Don’t get me wrong for certain dogs (those who have already been taught to walk nicely on leash) these retractable things would be fine but from what I have seen most folks who buy them do not fit into that category. Instead they are folks whose dogs have had little if any training and now have the freedom to not only torment their owners but now also have the freedom to torment us as well.
The other aspect of these leashes that drive me nuts is that they encourage pulling. Let me break it down for you… Your dog doesn’t know how or what a leash is for (either a puppy or never been taught) and you put them on this retractable leash. You try to be a good dog owner and not give him too much freedom and you keep him close. However he is pulling just like he always does and bang the mistake. You accidentally pull that little trigger and Fido all of the sudden gets more leash… Trust me it only takes one time for Fido to figure out the best way to get more leash is to simply keep pulling.
One other thing that you might want to consider before going with one of these leashes is the sheer number of folks who have had their fingers amputated or severely injured using them! Just Google finger amputation with retractable leashes or better yet take a look at the packaging of one of these leashes, they all now have this particular warning, I would imagine to keep from getting sued…
Now if you have a dog who walks on a leash like a champ and you are looking for a leash to give him some extra freedom in an area like a field or park (not inside a store or in a crowded area) than these leashes are just fine… However you could probably just by an old fashioned long line for about half the cost… Just saying!


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