According to experts of in home dog training in Kansas City, dogs can become stressed out, just like humans. While your dog can’t verbally tell you that they aren’t feeling well, they give you plenty of warning signs. It’s vital to be aware of all the ways your pet is telling you that they are uncomfortable, so you can quickly remove them from the situation.

At K.I.S.S. Dog Training, a leader of dog training in Kansas City, we believe that dogs are only as good as their owners; that’s why we stick to our motto, “keep it simple, stupid!” One of the primary focus of a dog owner should be to ensure that their pet is always comfortable, which is why we have compiled a list of some common signs your dog will use to communicate that they are stressed.

In Home Dog Training In Kansas City

Big Yawn

According to a trusted dog trainer in Kansas City, your dog will let out a big yawn if they are in an environment or scenario that is stressing them out. You can tell the difference between a stressful yawn and a sleepy yawn. This is because it is more prolonged and intense than a sleepy yawn. A stressful yawn is also shakier than a normal one.



A leading Kansas City dog trainer suggests keeping an eye on your dog if they start scratching. A dog that suddenly starts scratching can be indicating that they are uncomfortable, stressed, or confused.


Pinned Ears

If you notice that your dog’s ears are flattened and pinned against their head, your pup is probably anxious or afraid. According to experts in standard and aggressive dog training in Kansas City, the more anxious your dog is, the further your dog’s ears will be pinned down.

In Home Dog Training In Kansas City

Tucked Tail

A dog behavior specialist in Kansas City believes that when a dog’s tail is tucked in between their legs, they aren’t a threat, but they are uncomfortable. It’s crucial to give the pup some space, so they don’t feel the need to be defensive.


Change In Coat

If you notice a change in your dog’s coat, like dandruff around their chest and shoulders, this could be an indication of stress.


Sweaty Paws

If you notice that your dog’s feet are sweaty and leaving wet paw prints, this is a sign that your dog is under extreme stress and needs help. Removing your dog from that situation  immediately is vital to reducing your stress levels.

In Home Dog Training In Kansas City

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